Spiderman is my favorite movie. I’m obsessed with Spiderman, actually, and I have been for years. Tobey won my heart as he began learning to climb up walls and the scene where he tries to use a catch phrase to swing from buildings; he was clearly adorable.
So imagine my surprise when I heard that there was a new spiderman coming to the big screen- without Tobey. At first I was angry and then curious. How could they completely redo a series of movies which millions, and probably billions, of kids and adults had fallen in love with? I, personally, will never forget uncle Ben saying, “with great power comes great responsibility.” And I still laugh everytime I hear Aunt May say, “you’re not superman, you know.”

But back to the new movie… As my curiosity developed, I decided to learn more about the new plot and the first thing I saw about it was that Peter Parker’s love interest was Gwen Stacey. That sparked interest in who exactly Gwen was and where MJ had gone (I discovered that Gwen was in the comic books).
After my research, I decided to check out the new movie and even went to the midnight showing. Here’s my review: I didn’t like Emma Stone in the movie at all, Andrew was cute but he didn’t seem nerdy like Peter Parker is in my mind. I liked Flash better in this movie, I liked the effects used to make the lizard better than what the green goblin looked like in the first series. The most disappointing thing, for me, was what I get to be a lack of depth. In the “Tobey series” the depth and emotion added is that Harry is the green goblin’s son and peter’s best friend. He hates Spiderman without knowing that it’s really Peter. MJ also doesn’t know his true identity which causes problems in their relationship (Peter can’t date her in order to protect her).

The back story is what makes Spiderman an amazing series. It’s a love story, comedy, action, superhero movie… Everything rolled into one. I will always prefer Spiderman to The Amazing Spiderman, however the new movie is still really good! You should go see it and form your own opinion! Comment and let me know what you thought it, I’d love to hear what you liked/disliked!

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