Friend doesn’t mean forever.

Alright guys, let’s get personal today- shall we? I’d like to start off by saying that I’m about to be a senior in high school so this post is about teenage girls and how mean they are truly capable of being. I like to consider myself mature, I tend to stay out of drama to the best of my ability but some times, things happen.

The story I’m about to tell you is completely true, and mild compared to what some girls go through in high schools all over the world, but it’s what happened to me and I feel like sharing! So I’ve had this best friend since sixth grade, we’ve always been really close and I love her to death! A few months ago, probably almost a year ago now, she invited me to go to a movie with her and one of her newer guy friends because she “didn’t want him to think it was a date.” So I went, of course! When I got to the movie and saw her friend, I thought he was cute… but then I got the chance to talk to him; he was so funny, I couldn’t stop laughing, and he was also extremely intelligent. I asked my friend if she was sure she didn’t like him as more than a friend and when she said she was sure, I asked her to hook me up with him. That night I went so far as to tell my mom about how great this guy was. He was literally everything I look for in guys; it seemed like a perfect match. At a sleepover that night she began talking with another of our friends and was talked in to calling this guy. They talked for a long time and it was clear that she had changed her mind about him. I was upset but I figured since he liked her and not me, it would be okay. I decided to be happy for her instead of angry about it.

Maybe two weeks after they started dating I was talking to him and it slipped that I had kind of liked him when I met him and he told me that he felt the same. I felt awkward knowing that I had this crush on my bestfriend’s boyfriend, but I couldn’t shake it. When they broke up, but kept seeing each other kind of, I began talking to him more and more. My friends all thought I was flirting on him, which I really wasn’t trying to do at all, and became mad at me. It was like seven girls vs. me (the odds weren’t in my favor).

That’s how I lost my entire group of friends in one fell swoop except my bestfriend, who got over it and had a new boyfriend rather quickly. Since I figured I had nothing to lose, I began dating that boy. I began to receive tweets, facebook messages, texts, ect. about how horrible of a person I am and how much they hated me- this was all from my so called “friends.”

I’m a much stronger person because of all the drama I was forced to go through. Do I think it was a bad thing to like my friend’s boyfriend? Of course I do! But I wouldn’t have acted on that had it not been for losing everything… and you know what? I’ve been dating that boy for nearly six months now and I’m happier than ever. He’s my bestfriend, boyfriend, and the one person I trust 100%. I’m glad I did what I did or I wouldn’t have him.

Bottom line is… well… I guess, things happen. Sometimes you lose people and you just have to move on with life. Sometimes you make decisions that upset other people, you can’t beat yourself up over that. Sometimes girls are vicious creatures. Sometimes life doesn’t work out how you thought it would. You learn and you grow- you move on to bigger and better things. Life isn’t over, just that portion of it. That door has closed to a million others opening. To all the teenage girls, and even boys, out there… stay strong. It gets better! (:

Sorry for rambling on and on.. hopefully you got the lesson there! ❤

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6 thoughts on “Friend doesn’t mean forever.

  1. tro414515 says:

    To start off your last paragraph is basically what I live by in life just worded differently. And to answer your question about was it wrong? If your best friend doesn’t care then no it doesn’t matter. It was her boyfriend, her relationship not your other group of so called friends. A similar thing just happened in my circle. One of our friends started dating her best friends boyfriend after just 2 weeks of them being broken up. We were all a little concerned because we always thought of sisters before misters as our motto. We didn’t want our group to get divided and we didn’t want anyone to get hurt. After just asking our friend once we learned that the two of them had talked and both of them were okay with it and we have stayed out of it since them. They each had the relationship with the boy and although we did too we never had or will have the relationship they did or do with him. We love them both but it shouldn’t end a friendship or split up a group of friends.

  2. gabriellekayley says:

    I went through somethig sort if like that! Its true. Girls are extremely viscious and caty. I really enjoyed reading this because i could relate to it. I just made my blog today and im so lost and i feel like no one is even reading it. Glad i found your blog. I need another teen blogger!

    • I just started a few days ago and it can be hard sometimes when you feel like no one’s seeing what you’ve written. I’d check out the Forums! You can get links to other teen blogs and spread the word about your own! I’ve found this website to be extremely user friendly and I’m sure you’ll have more readers soon. Just keep posting things that are meaningful to you and others will strike up an interest.
      In regards to this story, I’d love to hear about what happened to you, you can find my email on the contact page- that is if you’re willing to share haha. Girls can be horrible especially to the people they call “friends” and high school is a very rough place to spend four years of your life haha. Thank you so much for reading and for following me! I’ll check out your blog right now, I’m sure it’s great! (:

  3. Ryahchu says:

    Girls arenight overdramatic and careless. No one should have to go through what you did, but like they say, shit happens. At least you now know who your true friends are.
    & Its comforting knowing I’m not alone in the world, and that I’m not the only one going through the teen drama. I really enjoyed readjng your blog (:

  4. celinechami says:

    I fully agree with Ryahchu, you should’nt have to go through these things, but the sad truth is, is that sometimes we do. Girls can be really vicious with their words. With guys its like: BAM, punch in the face, next day your best friends. But sadly, for us its different and we use our actions and words to hit the places where it really hurts. Good on you for moving past that with your head held high! You have an amazing blog!

    • justonegirl says:

      Thank you so much! It gets hard sometimes but I have to remember that after high school I won’t know them anyways or have to deal with them. One more year! (:

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