A Brand New Car.

I have to admit I said the title of this post in Bob Barker’s voice…

Here’s the deal, I currently drive a 92 pick up truck and I absolutely love it! It’s my first car and I can’t really imagine not having it around. However, like I said it’s a 1992… it’s broken down twice and it’s had multiple problems. Thankfully my grandpa is really good with cars and he enjoys fixing them up! Since I’m going to college in a year my dad is very adamant on us buying a new or slightly used car that will be more realiable for longer drives, which I agree with doing. The real problem is that I love my truck and I’d like nothing more than to get a newer f-150 or something of that nature. Because I’m sixteen years old, I don’t have as much experience with car buying as my dad does, obviously, so I’ve been learning.

The first thing I hate about buying a new car is how expensive they are. With the economy the way it is there’s no way that a new truck should be 30 or 40 thousand dollars. The other thing I hate is that if you manage to find one for 20,000 or less you still have to think about gas mileage and insurance rates. So pretty much, buying a new vehicle is a major pain in the ass. I think someone, somewhere should definitely be working on making truck get better gas mileage. The downside to that is that with a truck of that kind I would still be looking at a ridiculous price tag ):

Today we did find a nice 2002 Silverado for about 11,000 which is decent compared to what I’ve seen around but there’s still so much to think about. First of all, am I even sure I want a truck anymore with the price of gas skyrocketing? It’s also a little harder to park than what I have now, that would be something I’d need to get used to. I love that it seats up to six people, that it’s higher off the ground, that I’d have a bed to load things in to, that it has four wheel drive, and that I could haul a camper on it for when my dad gets one. I’ve been looking at smaller cars too and I’m not so happy about how low most of them are so I’d prefer more of an SUV if not the truck.

Being a teenager is a hard job sometimes, not only because we are treated like children but expected to handle the responsibilities of an adult, but because we don’t have the experience our parents have acquired. I never would have considered insurance rates going up, even though I pride myself on being intelligent and mature, it wouldn’t have even crossed my mind.

Wish me luck on my car/truck hunt… I hope I end up with something I’ll love that will last awhile! (:

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