This Means War.

When you sit down in the theatre, or on your own couch, and settle in to play that new romantic comedy you’ve heard so much about, you pretty much know how it will end. In Friends with Benefits we all knew that Mila and Justin would end up together, In the Vow it was obvious that Rachel would eventually end up with Channing. Every time I watch one of these movies, I’m somewhat disappointed. If you want a movie that keeps you guessing until the very end, you better go rent This Means War.

In the movie Lauren (Reese Witherspoon) is forced to choose between two guys she meets in different ways. There’s FDR (Chris Pine) the sexy ladies man who steals her heart when she learns about his childhood and there’s Tuck (Tom Hardy) the British father who makes her feel safe. I don’t want to spoil the movie for you because there’s something to be said for watching the movie and choosing for yourself before seeing what she thinks. The comedy side comes in once FDR and Tuck, who are coworkers and best friends, learn that they’ve met the same girl; they use their CIA hookups to wage a war against each other. This movie really is a must see!

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3 thoughts on “This Means War.

  1. tro414515 says:

    Did you get inspiration for this post from me or are we just acting like totally twins!!??

    • justonegirl says:

      I just watched it today because my mom picked it for lazy movie day! I did see your post though and I thought about it when we started to watch it! (: So a little of both, I guess! haha.

  2. aurorajane94 says:

    I read this, and thought the movie sounded good…
    OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! Best movie ever! You are right it is not a normal romcom. It is so much better!

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