Rants and Contradictions.

I sat down at my laptop tonight planning to write about self-image and women in society today, but then I go caught up in trying to find a way to view old messages on my iPhone faster than pressing the “load earlier messages” button 100+ times. Guess what? Of all the things apple has thought up for their products, that apparently didn’t cross their mind. On my old, piece of crap phone I was able to do it so why I can’t on this I can’t comprehend. This is supposed to be one of the most sophisticated phones on the market and it can’t handle this seemingly simple task?

Now I’m sitting here trying to use every electronic outlet I can to research what can and can not be done on my phone. I’m growing progressively annoyed with apple and technology in general. I’ve also been starting to consider getting my own domain name or website but I can’t build with codes… that should be easier, too. Since anyone in the general public is able to access the internet and get their own webpage, why aren’t they easier to design? It’s clear to see that today, technology is my enemy. And to contradict myself, I have made a blog post about it. Wonderfully done, Sydney, wonderfully done.

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