All women are beautiful.

This post, Skinny Gossip, literally made me sick. I starred at the screen, wishing that maybe I were in a nightmare. If you haven’t read it I urge you to read it before proceeding with the rest of my rant. I’ll spoil the sickness for you and you won’t really get to feel that knot in your stomach or that I-really-want-to-kick-this-person’s-ass feeling. Trust me, if you have a heart you’ll feel it.

Okay, so now that you’ve read that article you see what I mean. The author first refers to the average american woman as a “fatass.” Which isn’t what annoyed me because she’s correct that there’s a growing weight problem in the united states. What got me was what she had to say about the idea of a plus size magazine and what was said about the models one by one.

First, there’s this picture.

Though the “plus size model” isn’t as skinny as the other girl in the image, she’s still beautiful just the way she is. Which, as I’d like to point out, is the point of any plus size magazine. The article says, “This is the first time I’ve ever seen a skinny girl and a fat girl posing together naked – and I’m hoping it’s the last, because it’s really gross and a little scary. This reminds me a little of those pictures where a big killer whale is about to devour a beautiful little seal.” That alone is enough to really piss me off. The author put their own captions on the photos and this one says “Anorexia is a psychological condition… not a size, shape, or weight” If I really wanted to be annoying right now I’d point out that per the commas in a series rule, she was missing a comma (:

Anyways, back to this article. While during my minimal research I didn’t find a BMI for anorexia, I would like to point out that it can be fatal, that a lot of models suffer from it, AND the women and men who do suffer from it probably do because of the media they see. I, for one, watch TV shows or read magazines all the time thinking, “I wish I looked like that” or “I wish I had that body.” THAT’S THE POINT OF THIS MAGAZINE! Do you really think it’s healthy for women to be sitting around thinking badly of themselves because they are forced to always see these beyond thin, airbrushed, Goddesses?! I don’t. (and before I move on to the next picture, I’d like to say that I think this “plus size model” is absolutely gorgeous.)

The author goes on to explain that if they were that fat, they would never be in front of a camera naked. Why not? If a skinny girl should be able to feel confident, why shouldn’t an overweight girl be able to feel just as beautiful? Again, that’s the point of thae magazine that’s being bashed here. She then says that the only reason women in the US are getting fat is because they eat too much. Really? There’s no genetics behind weight? Or maybe exercise plays in? Or even the government or the food organizations? Or, here’s a big one, pregnancy and child birth? Geez… look around, america is getting fatter but does that mean that it’s solely their fault or that they’re disgusting? NO, it absolutely does not. A lot of impoverished people are forced to eat a lot of fast foods, because they’re cheapest, which are known to be fatty and bad for us. Is that their fault? In fact however many years ago, before our collective waist lines began to grow, there weren’t fast foods! Families ate at home most of the time and going out was largely considered a treat. So maybe society deserves some of the blame?

“I’m really glad I can’t read the number on that measuring tape.. eww…can we say fat rolls!? Do you have any idea how much someone has to eat to look like this?” This quote is really disturbing to me. It’s one of things in the article that irks me to the point of not even knowing what to say. I mean, can you really be that cruel to a fellow woman – or human being for that matter? I couldn’t ever talk like that about someone. HELLO! People have feelings! You know what else REAL people have? Fat. We all have something we wish we could change about ourselves whether it be “my ass looks huge in these jeans!” , “my thighs are so big!” , “my stomach sticks out too much.” , “my nose is shaped weird.” , or “I wish I didn’t have this acne.” Whatever it may be, we shouldn’t be down on ourselves for it and no one has the right to be a bitch about it either. This is what’s wrong with the world- no one respects each other! And, I bet the girl writing this article would never say that to the model’s face.

Okay, last picture- brace yourself. The magazine has included the words: what’s wrong with our bodies anyways? On to the picture. To which the very clever author writes “What’s wrong with your body? Really?! I don’t even know where to begin, but there’s a lot. And it makes me mad that you’re probably going to break those nice heels – LoL!” Which I think is flat out rude. I’m not going to bother with saying anything else about this article because it’s just more rambling about how we’re fatter than ever and we shouldn’t have this magazine telling women that it’s okay to be fat.

“The whole “fat pride” movement is irritating because plus-sizers want to tell us “big is beautiful” and it should be represented more in the modeling industry. I say it’s the opposite: if big really was beautiful, and most people wanted to be big, and wanted to see big people, don’t you think we’d see a lot more fat people modeling? I do. But we don’t – because it isn’t.

Honestly, the thing that made me maddest were the comments on this article saying that a lot of people feel this way! So I think all of you who agree with me should go and leave a comment because they’re wrong. I want to end this post by saying one thing, big IS beautiful because every woman is beautiful. And you know what? It’s wrong for this girl to sit on her computer and tell women that they aren’t beautiful just the way they are. We all have the right to be confident in what we have; the reason we all have such low self-esteem is because of people like this!

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10 thoughts on “All women are beautiful.

  1. Paty says:

    I agree with you. No one has the right to say what is beautiful and what isn’t. If she was trying to address the weight issue in the US (which she clearly wasn’t) there could’ve been a good way to do it. And society can’t be changed no matter what. There will always be people like her who will discriminate agianst other just because. And we can’t change that.

  2. tro414515 says:

    I hope you don’t mind I linked you article in one of my posts. I agree with everything you have to say and wanted my readers to read what you had to say because I couldn’t say it any better than you did.

  3. finixblog says:

    Reblogged this on finixblog and commented:
    Get the Message that is in the Article, just don’t be settled with the Photo.

  4. Amanda says:

    That post really grinded my gears when I read it, along with the comments. But if you look at the entire tone of the website, that is just how they feel. Its a psychological mindset, and really its a sad one that they do want to make people who are big feel bad about themselves no matter their health. Maybe they are just super proud of being able to go from being overweight to skinny, maybe they have always been skinny, maybe they are just picky eaters or people who are trying to shame themselves into weight loss. Its like the tootsie pop of the internet, the world may never know!

    If you weigh 70 pounds and 7 foot tall but you’re healthy, good on you!
    If you weight 700 pounds and are 4 foot tall, but you’re healthy, good on you!

    (I used exaggerations, I know those weight and height combos are usually not healthy. But there is always outliers.)

    When people say they only care about the health, they should realize one can’t tell someone’s health by looking at them alone. I personally am tempted to see who all would get bloodwork done by their doctor, blot out their personal information and post it online and see who can guess who is at a ‘healthy’ weight and who isn’t. I mean, some people have ‘good’ genetics and some don’t. Some people can eat pizza all day and weigh 90 pounds while others are vegetarians who are obese (I know one in fact!).

    Weight alone is not a sole indicator of health. And if they are healthy, then don’t shame them for being happy!

  5. aurorajane94 says:

    Thank you for posting this. I read the other post first, and literally cried from the comments that were posted. Your post put a smile to my face just because there are others who believe that the post was completely ludicrous.

  6. 6monkeys says:

    I agree with you 110%!!! I didn’t read many comments because they all agreed with her. Ugh! But my comment is what about back in the day when all the paintings were of big beautiful women bigger then these models? To point is to not push women to the brink of eating disorders to fit into small minded peoples ideas of perfect and that’s just what this writer has is a small mind and a big nasty mouth! Seriously I can’t believe anyone would write garbage like that let alone believe it and agree with it. This article is what makes a woman like me (usually smaller but just had a baby and gained more weight then I should of as I was sick daily and didn’t eat enough, so much so that I gained tons of weight some how and my son was only 4lbs 15oz at birth almost 5months ago) feel like crap because we can’t run right out to the gym because we don’t have the luxury of being able to hire a sitter or the time or energy to go for that matter. People like the writer of this article are the number 1 reason women who are bigger (lots through no fault of their own) turn to eating disorders to fit their in unachievable standard. It’s people like this jack ass that woman like me can’t even eat once a day without feeling guilty even when it’s healthy. I’m so discussed at this writer that words can’t not describe. Thank you for sharing this article.

    • justonegirl says:

      There was a time when the “look” was to be fat and pale (because you could afford a lot of food and to stay out of the sun). Right now, there’s a new “look” in society and a lot of people who feel the need to protect that. I’m 120 and 5’8, so I pretty small but I don’t think I’m nearly as beautiful as these models. It’s not about weight at all!

  7. obviously that person is an idiot… in the end body image concerns only the persons whos body it is… I most definately am not a toned model like girl… i often reach for the extra muffin rather then the extra class at the gym… the magazine is trying to make people that have a little extra weight on feel good about themselves, and good on them… being curvey is a sexy part of being a woman… these women are not obese nor is it promoting women to be obese… it honestly exposing that women come in all different shapes and sizes, and we are all beautiful 🙂

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