Chivalry is dead. Feminism is the murderer.

I came across that quote today and started thinking about it. Chivalry and feminism are two different things, though I understand where one could come to that conclusion. A lot of people think of chivalry as opening the door for women and paying for dates and such. I, personally, hate when guys always feel the need to pay for things. However, I really don’t mind letting them pay, as long as I get to pay for stuff once in awhile (that’s not really feminism though, I feel the same way about other girls/ friends).

Want to know where I found that lovely little quote? On the website And, yes, fml because I was so bored I had enough time to just hangout on that site haha! Anyways, I found it as a comment to “Today, my boyfriend of several years, and father of our one-year-old child, finally proposed. He was making idle conversation from twenty feet away and casually said, “By the way, you wanna get hitched?” This is as romantic as my life will ever get. Yay. FML.”

  1. I though it was pretty funny, I actually laughed out loud. Why? I’m not sure. I guess that just screams 21st century man to me for some reason haha.
  2. I didn’t agree with “feminism is the murderer” because I don’t think that feminists fight for men to be rude to women… I’m pretty sure in regard to marriage, they’d just say that women should be able to ask men to marry them, too! And whoever decides to propose, whether it be a man or a woman, they really should make it special.
  3. Chivalry isn’t dead. Girls like when you open the door for them and act like a gentlemen. What they don’t like is to be looked down upon because they’re women. We aren’t second class citizens.
  4. Feminism has done great things for our country. Women are just as able to work as men are.. and you know what? Men are just as able to clean and cook.

I think chivalry is dead because men, just like all other Americans, continue to get lazier. Putting the effort into proposals, opening doors, paying for things, ect. can be a lot of work or just a general pain in the ass. I think a lot of people use “feminist” as a derogatory term and I really just don’t understand that! Feminists are just trying to look out for their rights as human beings- they want you to see them as equals. I think that’s a perfectly normal thing to want!

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7 thoughts on “Chivalry is dead. Feminism is the murderer.

  1. noiseviolation says:

    I stand by the “Treat a woman as you’d treat your mother” rule. And I personally find the lack of chivalry in our times to be pretty gross. But I think it boils down a little deeper.
    Holding a door for someone with a handful of bags, male or female, is just common courtesy. The amount of doors let shut in my face and people cutting in line, its just sad.

  2. Erik says:

    Feminists demand to be treated equally to men. Therefore, they should not expect any more courtesy or deference than a man would get. Man don’t treat their equals, other men, with chivalry. Hence, feminists certainly can’t expect to be treated with chivalry either.

    • justonegirl says:

      I beg to differ. My dad holds doors open for people of all ages and genders just because that’s the nice thing to do. It’s not called chivalry, it’s called being generous and nice. Men shouldn’t be expected to ask a woman to marry them, women could do it too, but if the man decides to, they should make it special. Feminism is something all women should want- we are equal.

      • Erik says:

        What are you disagreeing with? That women should be treated equally? How can you disagree with that? That is the basic idea of feminism. Chivalry, on the other hand, is about treating women better than men, based on gender. That is fundamentally anti-feminist.

        You finished by saying that women are equal, and I agree. So, they should be treated equally, not better or worse than men. Chivalry has no place in equality.

  3. justonegirl says:

    It shouldn’t be “chivalry” it should be called being a nice person or caring about someone. When you’re in a relationship you should do nice things for each other. Women should, however, be treated equally- that doesn’t mean they should be treated like shit.

    • Erik Johanssen says:

      Being treated equally simply means that a woman wouldn’t get worse, less kind, or less courteous treatment than a man would get in a given situation, but equality also means that she wouldn’t get better, kinder, or more courteous treatment than a man would get in a given situation. Equality is equality.

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