Boys vs. Girls

You have a son- friends and family gather with blue toys and blue clothes.

You have a daughter- all of those things in pink.

Why? Because society has always been teaching us that men and women are different. Which, to a certain degree they are. In history, men have always been thought of as superior in every way… even the “second class” African Americans gained most rights before women (think about how much it would suck to be a black woman back then!) And now-a-days we all want to say women and men are equal but how true is that really? Honestly, I can break down all of the gender issues I see in society with just children.

  1. Baby dolls- At young ages parents usually buy their little girls baby dolls while their boys receive action figures. What do baby dolls teach you? How to care for a baby. (Lets be clear though, this post is not me telling you that baby dolls or anything else I’ll mention are evil or bad, I just want you to read all of it and then get to my closing statements okay? So please refrain from jumping to conclusions or getting angry!) So anyways, baby dolls, especially modern ones, teach you to feed your baby, care for it, give it baths, change it’s clothes, and change it’s diapers. Is this a useful thing to teach our children who, odds are, will have their own someday? HELL YEAH!
  2. Easy Bake Oven- If you read #1, you should already know what I’m about to say about this one. I had an easy bake oven when I was little and I loved making cookies and stuff but it’s a predominately girl toy and teaches you cooking skills- which, again, is a good one for your children, of either sex, to learn!
  3. The always popular princess- If you have a young daughter she probably LOVES princess toys- dresses, shoes, tiaras, they’re all beautiful and fun. You can watch movies about them too, thanks to Disney! However, in almost all of those fairy tale stories there is a prince charming who rescues the princess and becomes the hero. This picture is somewhat true, a lot of the plot lines for Disney princesses is that they are saved by a prince- usually with a kiss. Cinderella is probably my favorite princess though, just because she isn’t ALL looks she’s a hard working girl who had a lot of life/home troubles. But read her part of the picture, her prince doesn’t pick her because of her work ethic or even her personality, it’s because of how beautiful she is. I Imageactually found a lot of pictures like that one.
  4. Dress up- Both genders of children enjoy dressing up as something and pretending to be that, whether you believe me or not. Boys usually pick police officers, doctors, firemen, ect. While girls have fancy dresses, princesses, and nurses. Yes- I think the nurse thing is AWESOME! Finally, something for your kid to work for! Only- wait? Why is it that male nurses- such as Greg Focker- are ridiculed? Why can’t women be thought of as doctors, too? Well, the main reason is because during World War II women were finally allowed to be included in fighting… as nurses. Which, I like that they were finally included, you have to start somewhere! However, now, to me at least, it just feels like a doctor is superior to a nurse, therefore that should be the man’s job.

I’m sure I could go on and on with my own personal opinions on women vs. men in children’s toys. Like, do you remember boys telling you that blue was a “boy color”? I do. Blue just happens to have ALWAYS been my favorite color! I actually don’t like pink very much at all, though I hate yellow- pink’s a step above that! (: The main point of this is to express how unfair I think it is to expose your young children to this strange societal sexism. I have nothing against girls liking pink and princesses, but shouldn’t you let them play with superheroes and sports equipment, too? Honestly, what I see is that boys grow up wanting to be policemen, firemen, doctors, and superheroes… and little girls want to be princesses. I think we instill a need for love in our young girls- we teach them that they need someone to love them and they need to wear make up and do their hair perfectly.. they need to attract a big, strong man who can take care of them. I’m not a second-class citizen (neither is any other woman, African American, Hispanic, Asian, or any minority.) We’re all just human beings!

Maybe you’re reading this thinking “What a crazy feminist lesbian!” or maybe you’re thinking “Wow… she’s right. There’s a lot of sexism that we don’t even notice.” or even “Who gives a shit what my kid plays with?” First of all, I’m not a lesbian- nor am I really a “feminist”. I just want to be treated like any other human being should be treated, equally.

You really don’t have to agree with me, this is just one girl’s opinion.

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9 thoughts on “Boys vs. Girls

  1. Wooww i really agree with every word you wrote. Pink is not girly and nursing can be for boys , simple as that !!

    • justonegirl says:

      There’s no such thing as “boy colors”, “girl colors”, “boy toys”, and “girl toys”. It’s all society telling us what we’re supposed to be!

  2. ichaki says:

    Totally agree with you. Its difficult to instil any change when gender inequality is rooted so deeply in our society!!

  3. Ali says:

    An article in a 2011 Smithsonian mag, quotes a 1918 article that says pink is for boys because it is a more decided and stronger color, and blue is for girls because it is more delicate and dainty. Funny how we have to label people (and ourselves) so that we can “know” them. Thanks for your post!

  4. therealpedro says:

    Women graduate from college at a rate nearly 50% higher than men. Unemployment is now higher among men than among women.

    You make some good points about the toys, but it doesn’t seem as if that supposed inequality is hurting girls in the long run.

    • justonegirl says:

      There are a lot of well-paying jobs that don’t require a college degree, like union plumbing and other construction jobs (which are held mostly by men). Women have a lower unemployment rate because of the type of jobs they have- such as kindergarten teachers and nurses.
      Also, this article wasn’t really about unemployment rates or college, it’s about aspirations of young children in the united states. I feel like, as a general rule, a lot of young boys just don’t pay attention too must in high school and therefore, fall behind. Women STILL make less than men doing the same jobs, by the way, even after the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. The whole Men vs. Women thing is a real problem in this country and really always has been. Women are treated differently in most cases.
      Look at politics- abortions are being questioned, planned parenthood will be shut down if Romney can pull it off, and contraception is also being questioned. Women are being controlled even on their own life/body choices.

  5. I read two of your blogs now and I totally agree with this. Though I’m from India, I live elsewhere. And last year when I went there for vacation, my grandma told me, that there is no point for girls to study because in the end, they will get married to some man and bear his kids and stay at home.
    I mean yeah, the marrying and bearing kids is a part of womanhood but who said that they can’t work or study.
    At least my parents are somewhat modern and open minded. I remember my dad telling my uncle, proudly, that I, his only daughter wanted to be a lawyer. (I still want to, as a matter of fact, I’ll be sending in applications to law school in the end of next year.)
    Back to the point, my uncle replied that law was not a profession meant for girls because in law school, girls learn to argue and arguing in the house with elders and husband will lead to unwanted trouble. Instead it was better to go for medicine because then the girl will learn to be caring and could take care of people who are sick. (eg. In-laws, grandparents, etc)
    Yet, since my father and mother (both chartered accountants, my mom hails from a prominent family who lived in a city for ages and so supported her in studies) sided with me, they are now considered the black sheep in the family.

    • justonegirl says:

      First off, thank you so much for sharing your story with me- that is something happening, even in America, that drives me crazy! Why are we any less than a man? Why can they become lawyers while we are forced into nursing jobs?
      In America they are arguing AGAIN over abortion laws and contraception (birth control AND condoms). It’s crazy that the majority of people fighting over these feminine heath issues are men! That I just can’t understand.
      I have decided in the past week that I absolutely am a feminist- that’s mostly because I’m a woman and I know that I deserve exactly what any man deserves. I’m sorry but being born with a penis simply doesn’t give them superiority!
      I am proud of you for going after your dream- good luck! (: Go out there and make a difference for women even if it’s just by holding a male-dominated job. Ignore your family members, and anyone else, who would ever try to tell you that you don’t have every right to the job YOU want to do!

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