What Would You Save?

This is going to be a short, brief, to the point, hopefully-I’ll-make-you-think type of blog post so sit down in your thinking chair and think, think, thiiiinnkkk.

Anyways, the other day we were having a really bad storm and I’m deathly afraid of tornadoes (I literally sit in my basement during storms of all kinds just because I’m scared.) I was in my room when the lights started to flicker and, being home alone, I was instantly in “tornado” mode. As a child when I got in those modes I would pack up everything of value to me from my room and take it down to the basement- I would even bring enough water and food to survive (little kids are so strange haha.) This time, as a sixteen year old and with my phone in my tight grasp, I didn’t see anything that I really cared about blowing away. I saw my electronics, with the exception of that trusty cell phone, but I didn’t feel the need to save them. I looked in my closet- nothing of actual importance. Then I saw it- the manila envelope stacked on my bookshelf. The contents of this envelope are the important part of this post because I feel that our “most prized possessions” tend to say a lot about who we are. If your clothes or make up are what you would save from a tornado- you might have a problem… no offense or anything. If your year books are on that list, it tells me that you really care about friends and memories. If you grab an old stuffed animal or family heirloom, you’re caring and you probably have a pretty good head on your shoulders.

So what was in my envelope? What was of such high significance that I needed to safe it from potentially blowing away forever? My grade cards and awards from my sophomore year. So why, You might be asking… why would a senior in high school want to save random record cards and awards? It’s not really about the papers for me, it’s about my personal struggles and achievements. So let me check the clock- yeah… I think it might be… IT IS! It looks like story time! Please folks, hold the applause!

My freshman year, like a lot of other kids around the world, was really rough. I failed two classes, I barely did any homework all year, and, for the first time in my life, I was considering what I’d do if I didn’t go to college. Look, I don’t want to toot my own horn or anything, and I hate to brag about myself ever, but I’m NOT stupid. I’m a lot of things, but that’s definitely not one of them. So my sophomore year I was asked to join a program for kids who have potential but, for whatever reason, refuse to buckle down and do the work. At first it sounded like it was special ed or something and I was completely against it with every fiber of my being. Over a year in that program my entire life improved. I was happier, I had been grades, I was more confident than ever. It felt good to have all A’s and a B or two, when people were confused they came to ME! Let’s cut to the chase here- I was doing well, reaching my full potential… all it took was a little push from my wonderful teachers (mainly just being punished when homework wasn’t turned in on time or if even one question hadn’t been attempted.)

Back to my envelope contents: My grade cards, my honor roll award, and, most importantly, my “best English student” award. That’s a story all on it’s own, an amazing one- maybe one of my proudest moments. Remind me sometime and I’ll tell you guys! (;

So this is where the thinking chair comes in. If you could pick one item to save from a tornado or a fire, what would it be?


8 thoughts on “What Would You Save?

  1. Paty says:

    My iPod. I love music and I think it can get me through anything. Also it’s has my favorite books and lots of pictures with friends and family.

    • justonegirl says:

      I love that answer! Like I said in the post, I brought my phone along- it has my entire life on it so it was important to have! But see what I mean? That choice says a lot about you- it tells me that you love music and you really care about your friends and memories!

  2. Ryahchu says:

    Hiding under my bed is a box full of cards from family, dating back to when I was three years old. But as nice as it’d be to hold on to those things, the reason I choose this box is because it holds all my remaining memories of my cousin who I have not seen nor spoken to in two years. Along with the picture of our last moments together. Those memories are something I could not go through life, without.

  3. I think I would save my phone too! It has all my music, contacts, photos and meaningful messages from my family, friends and boyfriend :’) It basically has my whole life on it, there’s no way I could leave it behind!

  4. justthatmarinegirlfriend says:

    It really is hard deciding to only save one thing. I would save my phone because of all the pictures I have on it with my boyfriend, family and cats.

  5. I would grab as many books as possible. They are the my most prized possession!! And ofcourse my mp3 player and laptop. New Follower. Hope that you would stop by at my blog too.. Keep posting! 🙂

  6. There is a trunk-like box in my house. Those boxes will probably be the ones I’ll save. It contains many photos from the time I was born till i was around 10. It also contains many trinkets I had saved during my childhood. It also contains some greeting cards sent by long lost and sometimes unknown relatives.
    I probably would also save this external hard disk of mine which contains very valuable stuff.

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