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Issues and Beliefs- Pt. 1

If you don’t pay much attention to politics, bare with me and read this whole post. Odds are you’ll be voting in the next few years (maybe even this year) so you might as well hear someone’s opinion. Political shows are a little dull sometimes and you, as teenagers, have better things to do- trust me I feel the same way most of the time. The thing is, I love politics. I love being informed and making my own decisions- it feels good. Anyways, I promise not to try to sway you. You, as part of America’s (or the world’s) youth are our future doctors, lawyers, teachers, mothers, fathers, and even politicians. So, seriously, read this post- there are some things you should know about the politics of this country in 2012. Things that I never dreamed would suddenly become relevant again but, somehow, here they are. And, it’s cool to have your own opinions, and to share them! I would actually love to hear what you think but don’t knock my views or be rude about it. Thanks (:

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The Bible & Homosexuality.

Instead of worrying about what Jesus “doesn’t want people to do” why don’t you go out there with the attitude of doing the things he WANTS you to do? Instead of hating people because they’re different than you, go out and help the poor/hungry? Honestly, you can’t even call yourself a good christian if you’re out there advocating hate and I don’t find it acceptable for you to say “I don’t hate gay people, Jesus does.” God loves all of us: all colors, shapes, sizes, sexual orientation, and gender. While you’re over there complaining about something that doesn’t matter or affect you in any way, our economy is failing and the middle class is in jeopardy… good job, guys.


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A sad moment- there’s a site for that.

By the title you might have guessed that I’m in a bad mood and need a little venting session. If so, you’d be correct! My boyfriend has been off on a camping trip with his friends for the past week, which is good! I’m glad he’s getting to spend time with them and have fun. I’ve also been keeping busy with my two and a half friends, baseball, family, and, tomorrow, a concert! My week hasn’t been bad at all except that he’s missing… the most important person in the world, next to family. He’s been off on this fun adventure with spotty phone coverage and whatnot. I’m not one of those girls who always needs a man to be happy- but I need this man. I’m so sad without him, it’s crazy… I’ve never felt this way about anyone. Especially because tomorrow’s our six month anniversary. That doesn’t seem like too long but, trust me, it feel like I’ve known him forever. I know it’s too soon to say he’s the one or we’re going to get married because I don’t know what the future holds- what I am saying is that if we were around twenty-five right now, I’d marry him. I love him that much, more than I ever thought I was capable of loving someone. So when it’s FINALLY Monday and I get to see my boy, I will be more than happy. I don’t have a word for how thrilled I’ll be just to see him smile (: I just hope that I make him half as happy as he makes me. Because if I do, this relationship isn’t going anywhere, it’ll be here for quite awhile. Not seeing him for even just a week is so hard for me!

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Teenager Problems.

Unfortunately, this is another on of those read-this-first type posts. So, hopefully you’ve already read it and you won’t have to go through that. Lately I’ve had a lot of “hard pressing issue” posts and this is more of a teenager thing, hence the title- in case you didn’t notice. (Friend Doesn’t Mean Forever)


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