Teenager Problems.

Unfortunately, this is another on of those read-this-first type posts. So, hopefully you’ve already read it and you won’t have to go through that. Lately I’ve had a lot of “hard pressing issue” posts and this is more of a teenager thing, hence the title- in case you didn’t notice. (Friend Doesn’t Mean Forever)


So… teenage girls… they’re so catty, right? I tend to think so. But after that whole fiasco I’ve been left with nothing but awkward situations. Especially with school starting up again in less than a month, what the hell am I supposed to do? Most of the time these questions come into my head in regard to pep-rallys and football games. I mean, this is my SENIOR year; it’s supposed to be a good one, right? And the girl who was the headmaster of this whole thing is the only person I can say I HATE. Most people I just say I dislike or something but, no, this girl I hate. 

Why is it that most of the time I’m angry about everything but right now all I can think about it how much I miss my old friends. They could be bitchy, sure, but so can everyone- we had a lot of good times, and even better stories. The kind of stories that are only funny when you’re with your friends, the one who went through it with you. It’s hard to think that if I tried to talk to them, they’d (a) expect an apology that they aren’t going to get, (b) probably laugh, and (c) it wouldn’t matter. Plus, they were bitchy and I know I’d be the object of any and all group hostility. I just always thought I’d have that group all through high school and that when college rolled around I’d move on to different friends. You know? It’s hard to make new friends your junior and senior years of school- everyone has their friends already and teenage girls aren’t very welcoming. 

I’ve settled into only having three or four kind of friends during the summer but the school year will be brutal. I have a great boyfriend and I don’t want to break up, but I feel like if we did I’d have nothing left- which isn’t healthy. I’ve never felt like I HAD to have a boyfriend to be happy, but this one has become my best friend. With out him I have like two friends left- barely. 

Don’t expect a motivational quote or helpful words of wisdom this time, guys… this is a problem I have yet to face, one that I swear might kill me. It’s going to be a struggle but all I can do is my best… so wish me luck on my senior year in a little over three weeks, I’ll need it. 


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3 thoughts on “Teenager Problems.

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  2. I’m basically getting out of the same boat that your in right now! Don’t worry, it’s your senior year and you’re bound to have good time and make new friends. Try to focus on the fact that you DO have friends and deepen those relationships. I personally went through the same thing all through my junior year and lost two of my best friends because of caty bitch assness and all through the summer I was kinda bummed about it but now I realize that if they want to treat me that way, then their not worth it!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts it’s made me reflect on the past and keep posting,we need more good teen bloggers!

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