The Bible & Homosexuality.

Instead of worrying about what Jesus “doesn’t want people to do” why don’t you go out there with the attitude of doing the things he WANTS you to do? Instead of hating people because they’re different than you, go out and help the poor/hungry? Honestly, you can’t even call yourself a good christian if you’re out there advocating hate and I don’t find it acceptable for you to say “I don’t hate gay people, Jesus does.” God loves all of us: all colors, shapes, sizes, sexual orientation, and gender. While you’re over there complaining about something that doesn’t matter or affect you in any way, our economy is failing and the middle class is in jeopardy… good job, guys.


I’m boycotting chik-fil-a, which is easy since I don’t like it anyways, but if someone like McDonald’s were to say the same thing, they’d be out of my diet faster than you know. Look around, ghettos and impoverished areas are growing, crime is up, and what do republicans want to talk about? Whether women should have control over their own bodies and if the right of marriage should be extended to same sex couples. Really? We have more important issues… this is the stuff that really upsets me. A girl who goes to my school posted a picture online of her with a clik-fil-a bag saying “I support.” You support what exactly? Hate? Inequality? Certainly that isn’t anything to be proud of, is it? If it is, I’m disgusted.

Remember when African Americans were second class citizens and Christians used the bible to say slavery was okay? Or when they used it to say men were better than women? Gay and Lesbian teens are two-three times more likely to commit suicide than their straight peers. Plus, it’s been scientifically proven that being gay is NOT a choice, it’s in your genes. I suppose science knows nothing and being gay is a choice just as much as evolution, right? WRONG. Religion was a good idea at first, teaching people to help the less fortunate… but it’s being used as a tool to manipulate the thoughts of our society- that’s wrong. Especially because this is a free country and our laws should have nothing to do with what different religious leaders think.

In the bible, it says that homosexuality is an abomination; a few lines before, it says eating shrimp is an abomination. Also, people never look into the historical context of some of the things in the bible. Men lying with men and women lying with women was considered just as bad as ejaculating outside of your partner because she wouldn’t get pregnant (they were having population issues. The word “abomination” didn’t even mean what it does today… it meant abnormal. Which, being gay is abnormal- but it’s not wrong.

Personally I feel like you can look down on homosexuals unless you know one personally- like my uncle- that kind of stuff changes your views. You start to see that instead of sex-craving, evil-doers…. they’re really just people.

I’m sorry- but I needed to rant.

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6 thoughts on “The Bible & Homosexuality.

  1. I agree. Homosexuals are looked down upon and discriminated against for something that is not their choice but what is in their genes. It is almost like discriminating a person with say, a disability or a chronic illness. I am not saying that homosexuality is a disease, but you get the point.
    I used to think that it was in India only that this discrimination used to happen. But now, I find that it is everywhere. In india, most of the homosexuals call their partners as friends or roommates so as to avoid being disowned from the family and being looked down upon from the society. And sometimes, they get forced into marriages with the opposite sex by their parents and then lead a unhappy life.

    • justonegirl says:

      That same kind of thing happens in America. Some people claim to suffer from “bouts of homosexual thoughts” which is like saying they have a disease, which is untrue. It’s so sad to see how many people, mostly teens, kill themselves… or are killed in hate crimes. Why can’t we just allow them to be themselves?! It isn’t affecting us.

      • Ah well, I hope the world’s perception of homosexuals changes quickly. But, I don’t think anything can be done with just two teen girls from different corners of the world being against it, but hopefully this blog might be helpful at least a teeny-weeny bit. After all this is the generation of social networking.

      • After reading this article, I thought about looking into what my religion, Hinduism tells about homosexuality and I was surprised to find that they do not condemn it but acknowledge it as a part of nature. Yet, modern Hindus condemn it, so, isn’t it being kinda anti-religious?

  2. Olivia says:

    I love your blog! We literally have the same views on almost everything from weight to civil rights. I’m definitely a follower now.

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