Making Connections.

Today I met an older man; he was adorable, as most old men are, and he was also part of a group called Kiwanis. He started talking to me at a club meeting after school, he was so nice! He started asking about what colleges I’m looking at, what I want to do with my future, ect. And then he began talking about all of his connections which had not only helped him out, but had enabled him to help other people, mostly other students like myself.

After that conversation I really started thinking about connections I’ve made in my own life. First of all, I have my friends which who’s to say what they’ll do with their futures, I have an internship with a grass roots campaign to help re-elect President Obama, and there are other various ways I’ve already met some potentially important people. I would like to make a shout out to a girl that I’ve started talking to over emails, while we’re on this subject– Ryah is seriously an amazing girl, so you should go follow her blog!

This is kind of a short post, not really ultra important, but it’s the truth. Networking is an important part of our world and I’ve been lucky enough to already meet some great people! ❤

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One thought on “Making Connections.

  1. Nicki Mann says:

    It is always fun to talk to older people and hear all of their stories and advice! Always worth listening to!

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