Friday Advice 1

Q: I love my girlfriend but my friend Rachel is really pretty and we have so much in common. How do I break it to my girl that I want to be with someone else? 

A: If you’ve thought it out and truly decided that the best move for you is to be with this new girl, I guess you just have to break it gently. You can’t tell her that another girl is the reason for the break up, that would be rude, especially if you really care for her. All you can do is tell her you don’t see the relationship going anywhere and that you love her but you both need to see other people- wait at least a few weeks before going after Rachel! You wouldn’t want to really hurt your girlfriend’s feelings.

Q: There’s this girl that I really want to ask out but I don’t know how! I don’t want to be rejected…

A: Get her something that she’ll really like (her favorite candy, flowers, ect.) but nothing big. Then go for it! If you never ask her, you’ll never know! If you do happen to get rejected you’ll just have to move on to another girl- there are plenty of good ones out there!


I only got two questions this week but they were awesome ones! Next week let’s get more in to my email! ( Remember you can ask about anything: relationships, family, my blog, about me, ect. It doesn’t matter! Just send your question and some details to that email with the subject line “Friday advice” and it WILL be answered! (:

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