Friday Advice 2

Q: Why did you start this advice thing?

A: That’s a pretty good one haha, well if you click on “Friday Advice” on the top, it should give you a little bit of information but I really wanted to connect with some fellow WordPress users! I figured it’d be a good way to help some people out while also kind of getting to know them. Whenever you send me a question (about relationships, parents, friendships, my blog, me personally, ect) I will answer it on here, as I’m doing now, and then send you an email to let you know your question will be featured!

So far I’m not getting very many questions- two last week and one this week- but I’m really hoping it’ll pick up! You can feel free to ask me absolutely anything. I’ll either help you myself or try to steer you in the right direction. I love helping people and I tend to be decent with advice.

Email your questions to:


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