This is me. You can look at this picture and think anything. You could think “wow this girl is beautiful!” or even “why is she so gross?” That’s all in your perception and it’s an opinion you’re entitled to. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think I look good, other times I hate my appearance, but no matter what there will always be things about me that I’d love to change. I think we all have those small things that we probably don’t ever talk about that we hate about our faces or bodies, even our personalities. Those insecurities plague us! They ruin our self-esteem, out self-worth; these things get into our heads and make us feel horrible about ourselves.

My parents always tell me that I’m beautiful and my grandma thinks I should be beating off the boys. Honestly, I’d really like to know where those guys are, because I’ve been waiting patiently for years with this damn stick. After having your family pump up your ego, you go to school and realize that no one there actually thinks you’re very attractive; my dad says that the boys in high school are just too shy, but let’s be honest, they are outgoing enough to be with other girls, right? So what makes us feel this way about ourselves? Why don’t we always feel pretty?


The times when I don’t feel pretty are when I look at my acne. Even just typing that out was difficult for me because it’s a really sensitive topic. There are a lot of people with worse acne than I have, but my skin is no where near clear. I’ve tried so many different products, washes, and even medicine. The truth is that I always get lazy and give up on it, which is why my face is still broken out. If I put my mind to doing it EVERY DAY, I could probably solve the problem. I just always give up and beat myself up over it, telling myself “all the other girls are gorgeous and have perfect skin. They don’t have to set aside time every day to clear it up and find different washes.” Which, honestly, isn’t true at all.

I went away to a weekend camp trip and I was the only girl not lined up at the sink scrubbing my face. And, I’m guessing because of that, I was the only one with actual acne. That sucks, right? Yeah. I really need to find a good face wash, but that’s beside the point. The reason each of these girls were willing to take an extra five minutes from their day to wash their face before bed is because in our world it’s just not cute to have acne problems. If no one noticed or cared about your facial clarity, there would be no reason for you to care. Which, honestly, just points to how horrible the problem of insecurities really is. Think about the last thing you said to yourself when you looked in the mirror or at a picture that was taken of you. There was probably one negative thing you said and it probably stemmed from something that you said to you. If someone once told you that you have a big nose or a big forehead, that’s probably what you see when you look at yourself.

This is a problem and it’s just simply not acceptable because most of that is girl on girl crime, though a lot of it comes from boys too. What I’ve chosen to do is that whenever I like a girl’s hair, skirt, shirt, make up, eyes, ect I just tell them. Have you ever felt how powerful a compliment can be? It can make your smile brighter for an entire day, I know that. If everyone did small things like that, I firmly believe that high school, and the world, would be easier!

Girls, you are all beautiful. ❤ Don’t let anyone bring you down. Go look in the mirror and say your five favorite features of yourself physically out loud and then your five favorite aspects of your personality. I promise, you ARE beautiful.   (This goes for boys too!)

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8 thoughts on “Insecurities.

  1. That’s a great pic. Great attitude. 😀

  2. Firstly, you are amazingly beautiful! :]

    Secondly, I LOVE this post! I definitely need to do the mirror thing more often :]

    • justonegirl says:

      Thank you so much!
      I’ve started doing it every night before bed and it’s helping a lot. I just tell myself “You are beautiful just the way you are.” and start my list. It’s pretty powerful! (: Also, since I’ve been complementing other girls, they’ve started to complement me back!

  3. Freya says:

    Hey, I just nominated you for The Liebster Blog Award!
    You can see the instructions on what to do on my blog:

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