Tonight I decided to look through my old messages on myspace and all of my old wall posts and such. I can’t even believe how much my life has changed in the past four or five years. I was reading my messages with my boyfriend from 8th grade, Brad, and I honestly couldn’t stop laughing. All of the messages were like “I love you so much, I want to marry you someday” and then we’d break up and it’d be like “I hate you” then, magically, go back to “I love you” again. I remember back then I really thought we were meant to be but now, looking back, we were only like thirteen years old. I still know Brad, actually, we’ve had an interesting past but now I can walk by him and not feel anything. These messages made me think a lot because in eighth grade I didn’t know I would date a guy named Jon for five months or a guy named Ethan for eight. I didn’t even know who Ethan was. Crazy, right? That all makes me hopeful for college next year because who know who I’ll meet? Maybe my next boyfriend really will be “the one” that I thought Brad was. Who knows? The future is wide open, my book isn’t even half way over. (: 

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