Sunshine Award!

The Sunshine Award is symbolized by a flower that one blogger can give to other “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”.

Today I had a decent day until my “best friend” and ex-crush lied to me multiple times. It stings a little more because I used to like him, that’s why I included the whole “ex-crush” thing; also, the quotes around best friend are there for obvious reasons- he lied to me. It’s not like he lied to protect me or something of that kind either, he lied about something really stupid that he had told one of my other friends the truth about… SHE’s the one who told me and that’s the only reason he confessed. I’m sorry but lying for no reason is just so low… especially to someone who’s supposed to be one of your best friends. Anyways, this nomination couldn’t have come at a better time, Darsy‘s kind words really got me today- so sweet! Anyways, this is the second time I’ve been nominated for an award (truthfully, I’m not exactly sure how this works) and, let me tell you, the second time is just as meaningful as the first! The sunshine award is described below as “bloggers who positively inspire others” which makes me laugh because I’m always so worried that my post are too sad/depression. The truth is that I’m going through one of those teenage depression type phases, my blog is honest. I use this website to vent and, most of the time, to provoke others to help me with my problems. I love all of my readers and I think that they are all amazing! Thank you, Darsy!

As with most awards, the Sunshine Award comes with a few simple rules:

  1. Acknowledge the person who gave this award in a blog post.
  2. Do the Q&A below.
  3. Pass on the award to 10 deserving and inspiring bloggers, inform them and link to their blogs.


  1. Who is your favorite philosopher? Definitely Sigmund Freud!
  2. What is your favorite number? You know, I’ve never had a favorite number… I guess I just don’t understand that haha.
  3. What is your favorite animal? Wolves. Always has been, always will be.
  4. What is your favorite time of day? When it’s time for bed. Trust me, I love going and hanging out and having fun… but the best time of the day is when I don’t have to deal with anything except shutting my eyes and drifting off to sleep. My other favorite time would have to be dinner time- just because I like food.
  5. What are your Facebook and Twitter? I’m not going to share my personal accounts, however I have been thinking about making a twitter for this blog… let me know what you think about that if you’re reading this! (:
  6. What is your favorite holiday? I don’t know… I think Christmas because my cousins come home from college and my family is together for like a week straight. I love that!
  7. What is your physical favorite activity? I love sports but I don’t play anymore.. honestly, I need to do more physical activity haha.
  8. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? water or sweet tea.
  9. What is your passion?  I guess I’m not completely sure. I’d say writing but a lot of the time I lose interest and inspiration, so I just stop writing for a long time. I feel like everyone around me has a thing except me. /:
  10. What is your favorite flower?  I don’t really like flowers. I would like getting roses or something from a boyfriend but other than that I just don’t pay attention to flowers so I don’t know haha.

My Nominations: 

1. A Mad World Teen

2. Just Another Teen Blogger

3. Sun, Sand, Stars, and Dreams

4. My Never Never Land

These are four amazing teen bloggers but, more importantly, they are good people! Follow all four of them but especially #1! Her name is Ryah and she great (:

Thank you again, Darsy, so nice of you!

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2 thoughts on “Sunshine Award!

  1. Wow! Thanks a lot. This is the first nomination I ever received for my blog.
    It was so sweet of you.
    Can I link back to your blog too?

  2. Ciara says:

    Wow! Thanks a lot!
    I’ve never been nominated before. It means a lot! 🙂

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