A Day Unplugged.

If you’ve read my last post, you have a better idea of why I’ve been such a downer lately! I’m really sorry to all of you guys, I’m going to work on those issues and work toward a healthier, happier me. Last night after I wrote that post I got really sad and decided that I should turn off my phone to keep myself from bothering everyone on twitter. This morning I woke up and instead of instantly checking my social media, I just got dressed and ignored the phone’s existence. Before leaving for school I stuck in my purse, still off; actually, it’s still just sitting on the table, leaving me unavailable to the world. There’s something about being unreachable and away from all of the statuses, tweets, and pictures that seems so refreshing to me- I love it. Today I was able to focus more in school, I felt a little more confident, and I even answered questions in class. I was beyond proud of myself for shutting off my addiction to those stupid apps and just having a good day… I didn’t have texts to reply to or anything. To be honest with you, I’m not sure why it improved my mood so much, it just did! I feel great about my decision today and I’m not sure when it will be turned back on- we’ll see! (: 

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