A Huge Part of My Life.al

No, I’m not talking about my family, friends, boys, or anything like that. I am talking about one of the biggest and most important parts of who I am, though… music. To some people music is a nice beat that makes the dance or something to jam out to in the car but to me it’s so much more. Music is my escape, my get away, my freedom; music is a way to express myself and, sometimes, lose myself. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed music to make myself stop crying, help me fall asleep, or just calm me down.

Everyone has their own thing when it comes to music, no two people are exactly the same when it comes to their preferences in this area. Personally, I like almost every kind of music and I’ve gone through several phases in my life so far. When I was younger I would listen to almost all country (mostly because that’s what my mom was into so it’s what I was exposed to). I fell in love with the way that the lyrics told a story and could make you feel any emotion in only a few seconds. In Elementary school I started listening to the music my dad liked, which was more popular rock music. I’m not sure exactly why I liked it so much, it just made me feel good inside. Later I started to pick up the interests of my peers, which was rap and hip hop. People used to tease me for my country music so I stopped listening to it for awhile. Now, I listen to it all but I have developed a new favorite.

The music I listed to now I’m not really sure how to explain. I think it’s inspired, in part, by the music my dad used to have me listen to. My favorite band is Blink-182, which is punk rock, alternative, or punk pop depending on who you ask or which album you are talking about. Some other bands I listen to are Simple Plan, Nickleback, SR-71, Sugar Ray, 3 Doors Down, Sum41, Third Eye Blind, The Offspring, Good Charlotte, Angels and Airwaves, +44,  Theory of a Deadman, All America Regects… and soooooo many more. I guess I’d say that I like bands with lead singers who have unusual voices. I’m also a sucker for the lyrics these bands sing, which much like country lyrics, relate to life and make you feel something.

Blink-182 is a band that I always remember hearing and singing along with but in the past two years I’ve really gotten into them, probably because I relate a lot more with their words now than I ever could have as a child. If you set aside the amazing singers (Tom and Mark), the lyrics they write together, the music, the great beats… what do you have? Really good friends acting stupid together. I think that’s the real power behind their band. Yes, they’re really good at making music but they’re also just so real. Their videos really sell me and make me love them because the look like they are genuinely having fun together and doing what they love to do.

I don’t know if you’ve ever fallen completely in love with a celebrity to the point where you feel like you really know them, but I have. I’ve not only fallen in love with this band and others like it, I’m Tom Delonge’s biggest fan. He’s goofy, smart, talented, has the coolest voice I’ve ever heard, and he’s flat out adorable and always has been!

Comment your favorite music and why you love it so much! You can even tell me how you feel about Blink! (: I love you guys!

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2 thoughts on “A Huge Part of My Life.al

  1. GirlsVie says:

    I honestly love finding people with the same music interest as me. So many people hate on me because my favorite singer is Avril Lavigne and my favorite band is Good Charlotte. I literally listened to her when she first came out and I was in grade 1 and it pretty much inspired every instrument and music ability I’ve picked up since…She’s my biggest inspiration and idol. I loveeee her and I completely understand what music means to you. It’s not just sound put together for your mind. (: love itttt
    and love almost all the bands you listed and I listen to like every genre though because I grew up listening to Eminem and such…so I’m not really one to judge on other people’s music because I think every artist wants to share their words and feelings with the world ❤

    • justonegirl says:

      The first concert I ever went to was Avril, I’m a huge fan! I also really love Eminem and Good Charlotte! It’s the best thing on Earth to find people with similar musical interests to yourself, mostly because it’s so important to who a person is.

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