As you could probably infer, today I’m going to tell you a little story about fate. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. The hard part of this theory for some people is that some things you don’t know the reason or maybe you just won’t understand until later. I’ve put a lot of things together lately which is beautiful to me, and I’d like to share some of it.
So when I was in eighth grade I had this “boyfriend” named Brad, we were together for a few months and then broke up. All through High School we had a ton of mutual friends and one night, my junior year, I was hanging out with him and a few friends at his house and he kept talking about inviting this girl named Jami. I didn’t know who she was but I didn’t want another girl over there because typically girls do not really like me.


My freshman year I took gym because at my school we need two credits of Physical Education, despite protest from everyone in my life I wanted to wait to take the second credit until my senior year. Every year people would tell me to just get that credit over with but I never listened and in my gym class I actually met Jami. The more I talked to her I realized that we had known the same people for years but, somehow, we hadn’t met each other; we both remembered that night when Brad called her to join us. In fact, she sat with Ethan and his friend Colton at lunch because Colton was her best friend. It was crazy how many times we should have met and how many people could have introduced us at any time. There were things in gym before we had talked a lot like me saying that I wanted to get my belly button pierced and her offering to come along that seem so strange now. I’m getting it done this summer is she is coming because she isn’t just a school friend anymore she’s my best friend. The best friend I’ve ever had. She’s actually more like a sister at this point. We didn’t meet until the right time but it was foreshadowed, like in a book. Had we met that night at Brad’s, I don’t believe that we would have been friImageends and had I not waited to fulfill my gym credit, we probably wouldn’t have met at all. Crazy, isn’t it?

Going back to eighth grade, there was this group of seventh grade boys who had lunch when me and my friend did. She and I nicknamed them and teased them all the time, eventually one of those boys was Brad and others became a crush or a great friend at one point or another. We also began to talk to other seventh grade boys at surrounding tables to this one, at one of those tables was a kid I knew only as, “Token.” Freshman year I moved from the house I’d always lived in to an apartment, “Token” lived there but I soon found out that his name was Delvon. I didn’t really like him because he had started to spread a rumor about one of my friends and I avoided him at all cost though he lived about three town-houses away from me and then the winter of my sophomore year we moved away into a condo; the same year my friends and I went to the school play and sat behind Delvon and his girl friend, she was really rude and pissed all of my friends off. When I walked into gym my senior year, he was there and I thought nothing of it. In first semester of my senior year Jami, Delvon, and I became best friends… we’re inseparable. I’m not completely sure how it happened but everything came together the way it was supposed to and I met those amazing people. I’m blessed and it shows.

I saw a post on twitter today that said, “Does anybody else have a friend that you’re pretty sure if your soulmate but in a friend way?” that’s exactly how I feel about Jami and Delvon. They prove to me everyday that real friends do exist. Not all friends are going to turn on you and only watch out for themselves. Some of them are like movies portray, they have your back no matter what and they’re there for you even if you just need to vent. I’m so lucky, I’m blessed, and I only have fate to thank for bringing these amazing people to me right when I needed them the most. ❤


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