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In one of my classes my teacher told us that we were going to do some personality quizzes, which I didn’t mind because it’s kind of like a more accurate Tiger Beat quiz. Remember Tiger Beat? I used to love flipping through those pages, skmiming through the gossip, and stopping at every little test there was. So my teacher laid a paper down on my desk; it asked me what I usually talk about, what I like in conversations, ect. When I was finished all that was left to do was add up my points. The test told me that I had blue communication, as opposed to gold, orange, or green.

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Teenager Problems.

Unfortunately, this is another on of those read-this-first type posts. So, hopefully you’ve already read it and you won’t have to go through that. Lately I’ve had a lot of “hard pressing issue” posts and this is more of a teenager thing, hence the title- in case you didn’t notice. (Friend Doesn’t Mean Forever)


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