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The Path Less Traveled By.

I’ve never quite understood the people who cross streets on the crosswalk.

I always watch these individuals as they go out of their way and take the path of all the people before them, they look both ways, and they stay within the confines of those white lines. It’s so silly to me that someone would go so far out of their way just to follow a rule made by society, a law with little merit, especially on a street like this one. The road is virtually untraveled, making me wonder why the crosswalk exists in the first place. Who declared that they must paint white stripes across this particular road? Who thought that human beings were so stupid that they could not be trusted to cross this one lane side street without being mowed down by a car? I felt a crocked smile beam across my face as yet another person took the long way from the building she came out of to the crosswalk.

In moments like these I simply ask myself if everyone in the country can be put in one of two categories: those who must cross the crosswalk, and those who choose to take their own path.

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Boys vs. Girls

You have a son- friends and family gather with blue toys and blue clothes.

You have a daughter- all of those things in pink.

Why? Because society has always been teaching us that men and women are different. Which, to a certain degree they are. In history, men have always been thought of as superior in every way… even the “second class” African Americans gained most rights before women (think about how much it would suck to be a black woman back then!) And now-a-days we all want to say women and men are equal but how true is that really? Honestly, I can break down all of the gender issues I see in society with just children.

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